Block Print Kurtis – Bring Art in your Attire

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  • By Nikhil Joshi

Block Printing is one of the oldest printing method originated in China as believed by everyone. According to records, block printing is practiced in India since the 12th century. Block Printing was initially done on textiles which then gradually started coming on clothes too.

Block Printing is generally done with hands but nowadays technology is not lagging in any thing in this world and hence block printing is also done with the help machines. Block Printing consists of wooden blocks carved with different patterns and designs which are then dipped in a dye and pressed on the cloth imprinting beautiful pattern on it. Traditional and Block Print clothes complement each other a lot and so the ancient and beautiful technique has also become a fashion. Block printing is done with different types of dyes like natural dye, vegetable dye, synthetic dye and lot more. One of the traditional attire which complements this technique is Kurti. Various type of block print techniques like Bagru, Sanganeri, etc. are imprinted on kurtis.

Block Print Kurtis –

Making our ancient art live on our clothes have become a fashion. Block Print Kurti is one of them. Block printing is done in various forms on kurtis. It is done on the whole attire or it is done only one flare keeping the other part of the kurti simple and plain. It can also be done only on the sleeves and the flare and the neck region keeping the body and the back region vacant. This type of  printed kurti looks simple yet trendy. This technique is done on various type of fabrics so the women who are not comfortable in any particular type of fabric can also wear them. 

Different shapes and size of blocks are used in printing with different types of colors. Generally block printing is done with very few colors but that is the only thing which makes the attire look sophisticated and simple.

Pairing Block Print Kurtis – 

Block print kurtis can be paired with leggings, salwar, trousers, etc. While pairing a dupatta or scarf with these kurtis better go for solid and bright colored dupattas and scarfs which complements the color of your kurti. Statement necklaces can also be paired with these kurtis to give your look an edgy touch. 

These blocked print kurtis can be worn anywhere by just pairing it with differently according to the venue or the occasion. You can find your desire kurtis online at